Calming Desk Décor | Stress Relief Gadgets is a Power Peaceful 'Ripple' Kinetic Motion | Encourages Mindfulness | Simple Meditation


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Stress Relief Gadgets

• 🌀 HOW IT WORKS – touch the sensor button to enjoy the rotating pattern of this beautiful and unique art piece
• 🌀 ADD CALM TO YOUR HOME OR OFFICE – great stress relief gadgets for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, or any indoor space you spend your day. Adds a Reminder to Pause & Be Mindful. Great anchor for open-eyed meditation
• 🌀 BENEFITS OF A PEACEFUL HOME & WORKSPACE – (i) Can improve focus, productivity & creativity, (ii) Reminder to reset, relax & relinquish (iii) Better Mental & Physical health driven by increased overall mindfulness, less anxiety & better sleep
• 🌀 QUIET AND NEUTRAL – blends in quietly to any tabletop/counter surface with a neutral color scheme and quiet operation
• 🌀 FEATURES – 3.5 x 3.5 x 8.2″, USB-C rechargeable Battery, Auto shut off after 1 hour to preserve run time