Motivational Desk Plant Set of 3 - Rose Gold Desk Accessories for Women's Office


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Rose Gold Desk Accessories

✅ SUPPORTS A POSITIVE MINDSET! When choosing rose gold desk accessories or rose gold room decor it is important to be surrounded with items that are both visually pleasing and inspirational. Office decor for women’s desk plant sets can provide a stylish solution being both compact and carefree. This unique trio of office plants comes with 12 inspirational stickers that can help support your positive lifestyle goals while adding just a touch of “nature” to your home office decor.
✅ GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES! Each tin plant pot measures 3” high by 4” wide and 7″ to 10″ tall (unless trimmed) which allows them to fit beautifully in small spaces. They are the perfect size to use as rose gold desk accessories, pink apartment decor for women, home office accessories, college dorm decor, bookshelf decor, cute desk decor for teen girls, rose gold bathroom accessories, small cubicle decor, salon decor, motivational office plants, and more!
✅ FLOCKED LEAVES! This set of home and office decor for women comes with 3 flocked, small fake plants: rosemary, eucalyptus, and oh-so-velvety lamb’s ear. Simply place each faux desk plant into a tin and add the decorative white rocks to complete the 10-minute setup. And presto: motivating home office decor just like that! The eucalyptus and rosemary can easily be trimmed with scissors for a more sculpted look if preferred and, best of all, these plants do not require watering!
✅ EASY-TO-REMOVE STICKERS! Removing a sticker and replacing it with a different one is super easy! The sticker will peel off in one piece so there is no messy residue to clean! Simply discard the old sticker and apply a new message. Alternatively, you can opt to display the pots plain with no stickers as simple office desk accessories or stylish bookshelf decor. When it comes to home office decor for women desk accessories should be carefree. No goo equals zero extra work!
✅ BOSS LADY OFFICE DECOR! Rose gold desk accessories are a room decor that is highly popular among female home-based business owners. These unique pink desk accessories are great for keeping inspiration close at hand but could also fit beautifully alongside succulents and other popular desk plants – definitely a unique gift for her. While these fake desk plants would make great motivational gifts for women, they can also be purchased as gifts for Moms or as dorm decorations for college girls.